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Product Benefits

  • Approved. Provides protection against up to Category 5 hurricane winds according to the NEW 2010 guidelines. These accordion panels have been tested to wind speeds of 230 mph and carry the approval of both Dade County and the Florida Building Code

Our BERTHA HV Accordion Shutters have been tested and comply with:

 Florida Building Code:


 HVHZ Dade and Broward Counties

 Approval # FL 185-R7

 International Building Code (IBC)

 International Residential Code (IRC)

  • Any size. These accordion shutters can be installed in tracks of any length because they have built in reinforcing and do not require any additional reinforcement with vertical braces or supports.

  • New or retro. These shutters can be installed on new construction or retro-fitted into existing buildings

  • Easy to use. Because these shutters are permanently installed next to the opening, they can be quickly slid closed and locked at a moments notice. The extra heavy-duty nylon wheels enable the shutters to open and close with ease.

  • Insurance discount. These shutters may qualify you for a homeowners insurance discount


  • Ease of installation.

If you are either a do-it-yourselfer or a professional installer, you'll love to install our HV accordion shutters.

Just eight screws quickly attach the top, bottom and sides to form a "picture frame" that contains all of the vertical blades.

The top and bottom rails come pre-drilled along with a center hole to allow you to quickly center and secure the top and bottom tracks to the wall.

Two trained installers can completely install our accordion shutters (on a first floor window) in just 8 minutes. A first time, do-it-yourselfer may take a few minutes longer on the first few windows.

The point is, if you can install plywood or hurricane panels, you can install our shutters.



Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Our Bertha HV (High Velocity) is the perfect solution for securing patios, balconies and terraces which have large expanses of windows and glass doors. This premier shuttering system has been installed on many homes and high-rise condominiums through out Palm Beach county (Boca Raton to West Palm Beach). 

AHS manufactures the BERTHA HV (High Velocity) accordion shutters system that can be used on all openings up to 16 feet in height with an unlimited length.

This shutter system has been designed, tested and installed on residential, commercial and high-rise buildings.

5 Easy Installation Steps

The BERTHA HV shutters are constructed of reinforced, heavy gauge extruded aluminum panels. Your locked shutters will protect you against high winds, flying debris and even against forced entry.

The hallmark qualities of the BERTHA HV :

Resistance to salt water corrosion:

 We only use solid brass locks.

 Our 410 stainless steel connecting bolts are twice the width of our competitors and are coated with BERTHA HV-DacroShield that has been salt water tested for 1,500 hours with less than 5% white rust. This is dramatically longer than any ordinary hardware.

 Locking pins are designed to not stick or bind.

Fit and Finish:

 The BERTHA HV will give you a consistent and uniform appearance on all covered openings.

 Improved blade stacking requires 30%  less space than most systems.. This means that when not in use, the shutters are less obtrusive on your openings.

 The outside blade edges never touch each other which means that they will never get a �worn� appearance. 

 The blades have improved tolerances allowing for easier movement when opening and closing.

Increased Strength:

 The combination of a deeper corrugation, greater temporizing of the aluminum extrusions, larger connecting hinges and increased fastening bolt diameter dramatically increases the overall strength of the BERTHA HV accordion shutter system.

Customizing Your Shutters:

 These shutters are painted using an electro statically applied, baked-on enamel finish that can be ordered in one of four colors: WHITE, BEIGE, IVORY and BRONZE.

 We offer factory curved tracks for going around corners or to follow the contours of your walls.

 We offer a variety of locks including our inside �Egress� key-less, turn-button.

 We offer a variety of connecting centermates that even allow you to externally lock your shutters on an outside corner.

 We offer several types of walk-over tracks for doorways.

High Quality:

 All components are fully checked for quality at each step in the manufacturing process and then a final Quality check is made prior to shipping.

 All manufacturing steps and materials strictly comply with the approved product Notice of Acceptance (NOA) specifications. We don't take short cuts, nor do  we use non-specified components. We only build the genuine, high quality Bertha HV product.

High Value:

 We believe that we are producing the absolute best hurricane protection product that is currently available. The BERTHA HV has been engineered, tested, certified and approved for hurricane protection of all openings.



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Accordion Hurricane Shutters services the following South Florida cities:
Big Pine Key, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Dania, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, Highland Beach, Hollywood, Homestead, Islamorada,  Key Largo, Key West, Lauderdale-by-the-sea, Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, Lighthouse Point, Loxahatchee, Marathon, Margate, Miami, Miami Beach, Miramar, Oakland Park, Ocean Reef, Palm Beach, Parkland, Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Park, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Royal Palm, Sea Ranch Lakes, Sugarloaf Key, Sunrise, Tamarac, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Weston.




Product Benefits (continued)

  • Any height and any width.

Our BERTHA HV shutters can be used to secure patios at any height. Normal shutters are only approved up to 30 feet from the ground. We have also been approved for any length shutters. During our certification testing, we successfully passed all required hurricane tests using accordion shutters that were 16 feet tall and unsecured on both outside (left and right)ends.

  • We follow the curves.

Our BERTHA HV can be custom installed to follow your opening's curved contours using smoothly bent track. Most other installers have to make their own curves out of small straight tracks. Our tracks are factory bent resulting in a smooth professional appearance and an effortless operation when opening and closing of your shutters.

  • Storage.

When not in use, our BERTHA HV accordion shutters stack in compactly next to the opening. Due to our design, we have the smallest storage requirement of any accordion shutter.

  • Energy efficiency.

Our BERTHA HV accordion shutters also effectively block sunlight and provides a degree of insulation keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  • Value.

Our BERTHA HV accordion  shutters have been engineered for long lasting Florida protection. They not only add security but also a decorative touch when in use.